ai-driven hr platform

Build a skills-based organization

Discover talentguide’s AI-driven platform that has everything you need to bridge your company’s skills gap more proactively and build pipelines of qualified talent.


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Mobilize your talent

Develop your workforce with personalized career paths, upskilling and reskilling opportunities, and recommendations for open vacancies or trainings.

Unlock your internal skills data

Get a 360 degree view of every talent within your company- their skills, connections and history – and automatically fill talent pools with talent that best fit your hiring goals, focussing on internal employees first


Make it easy for your workforce to grow and progress

Set your workers up for success and deploy skills on demand. Offer employees a fairer and more equitable chance to grow through upskilling and reskilling. Talentguide is powered by AI-technology that combines and analyzes market data, trends and industry insights that will enable you to ensure that your workforce remains competitive for the long run. 

Empower your employees by giving them a clear career path

Show your workers the opportunities available to them to develop and upskill. With talentguide, fostering an open conversation between employees and their managers around career aspirations. 

strategic workforce planning

Make it easy for your internal talent

Automate opportunities & upskilling recommendations based on your worker’s profile and skills and offer a quick and simple way for your employees to apply for vacancies. With talentguide, you are able to significantly improve retention and reduce time to fill vacancies by 75%.

Unlock your workforce potential!

Our goal is to equip you with a powerful and unbiased reference framework that enhances various HRM services, including skill-based job and people discovery, thorough employee development, and job (re)design. Together, let's unlock the full potential of your workforce.