A universal and unbiased framework of skills and activities

The talentguide™ Library is a comprehensive database that captures the pulse of the constantly evolving skills set in the labour market. With a focus on granular activities that are easy to understand for all, the Library provides an up-to-date description of the needed skills to connect jobs, people and education.



Skills versus Activities

We concentrate on the exact activity needs of a job and the specific actions a person can perform. Through this detailed approach, we establish a universal "activity-based language" that enables more precise comparisons between a job and a person's capabilities. This shared language enhances personal development opportunities by helping individuals identify the gap between their skills and the job requirements. With this clarity, they can choose training programs that address the skills gap more easily.

infographic - skills vs activities

The talentguide™ Library

The talentguide™ Library uses NLP (natural language processing) and NLU (natural language understanding) to analyse job and qualification information across all industries. Our technology extracts skills and activities from job descriptions, profiles, and educational programs in detail, which keep the Library up-to-date. This method provides an unbiased and clear view of skills and activities that both managers and employees can understand. Additionally, the talentguide™ Library tracks skill and activity development within your organisation and industry.

talentguide library

talentguide™ Library

Skills & Activities

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