ai-driven hr platform

AI-driven skills intelligence platform

Get a clear actionable view of your company’s skills landscape or “skill capital” to make strategic decisions in building a future-ready workforce. The talentguide platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to gather and analyze market and industry insights and transforms data into practical insights to help you make the right decisions from hiring, reskilling and upskilling, developing HR strategies and resource planning. 


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Transformative talent management for contemporary human resources

In the rapidly evolving landscape of human resources, progress means using technology to gain better insights to enhance your talent management strategy. The talentguide skills intelligence platform is designed to provide HR professionals with both intuitive and powerful functionality to support this.

Understand your workforce better

Identify skill gaps, and track global trends live. The talentguide library makes use of real-time market data and enables you to view which skills are on the rise and how job positions are evolving. 


Keep your job architecture relevant

Keeping track of your company's job architecture is often a manual and time-consuming process. With talentguide, you have a centralized platform where you can manage your job architecture on an enterprise level. The talentguide platform uses AI to identify new, relevant skills for a job, ensuring that your internal skills are always aligned with the needs of your business in an evolving marketplace.

Why choose talentguide?

The right talent can propel your company to new heights. Our software helps you not just manage, but excel in every aspect of talent management:


Comprehensive employee profiles

Gain a 360-degree view of your employees, from skills and performance to career aspirations.


Succession planning

Prepare for the future by identifying and developing your next generation of leaders.


Tailored Learning & Development

Create personalized development plans to nurture and retain your workforce.


AI-powered candidate matching

Use the power of artificial intelligence to match candidates with roles they're best suited for.

Unlock your workforce potential!

Our goal is to equip you with a powerful and unbiased reference framework that enhances various HRM services, including skill-based job and people discovery, thorough employee development, and job (re)design. Together, let's unlock the full potential of your workforce.