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The talent management platform you need to unlock your workforce potential

Discover your organization’s skills and optimize your talents’ performance and engagement in one centralized platform. Talentguide’s advanced workforce operating system uses skills-based analytics and AI to help companies navigate change, and enable a more rewarding and future-proof career path for employees.

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The talentguide workforce operating system 

Build a future-proof skills based organization and get a complete overview of your skills and the future skills you’ll need in one centralized platform. With talentguide, you’re able to empower your workforce and develop a truly unique competitive advantage.

Build a future-proof skills-based organization

Align your talent with your business needs by providing them with a platform to develop and grow continuously. That way, your workforce becomes a unique competitive advantage.


Upskill and reskill employees at scale

Forecast capabilities you need to prioritize and craft tailored training plans for your workforce to develop essential skills vital for the future success of your organization. 

Retain, engage and grow your employees 

Enable your employees with personalized development opportunities tailored to enhance their unique skills, experiences, and interests. Ensure the retention of critical skill set by providing access and visibility to internal roles, projects and learning opportunities.


HR transformation that delivers tangible results

Build a dynamic, internal job marketplace and the future ready workplace, with access to an unbiased reference framework that improves various HRM services.

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Unlock your workforce potential!

Our goal is to equip you with a powerful and unbiased reference framework that enhances various HRM services, including skill-based job and people discovery, thorough employee development, and job (re)design. Together, let's unlock the full potential of your workforce.